06 August 2011

Is my mom over the fact that I'm an atheist?

My (Republican) mom, wonderful person that she is, recently sent me a spontaneous gift of three books she bought on Amazon. They're all by the same author, and she was inspired to get them for me after said author was a guest on (cue ominous music) Fox News.

Scared yet?  Don't be.

That author is famed skeptic and humanist Michael Shermer.

Thanks, mom!

Apparently he was interviewed by John Stossel (the one true libertarian among the nest of social conservatives that is Fox) about his new book The Believing Brain, analyzing the psychology of why silly ideas such as ghosts, conspiracy theories, and religion take root in our brains.  My mom watched it and thought he actually made a lot of sense.

I'm excited to read these books, and I'll write up a post about each one as I finish them.

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Creative Commons License