05 August 2011

How NOT to be a horrible person: a friend's blog

A good friend of mine, who prefers to be identified as Active Bystander, has started a blog to chronicle tales of customers behaving badly.

These aren't just simple transcripts of irate patrons hitting their boiling point (a la NotAlwaysRight), however; Active Bystander is actually going one step further and analyzing the how and why behind rude customers' behavior, and giving advice on how we all can avoid being that customer when we're upset about a product or service.  There are, after all, ethical ways to have a problem rectified without being a bully to the person behind the counter.

Having worked in customer service for a number of years and experienced my share of horror stories, I'm excited to see where this goes.  I encourage anyone interested to go check it out.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License