08 October 2011

Christian salvation as a protection racket

UK atheist blogger Rosa Rubicondior posted a humorous comparison between the sales pitches of religious proselytizers and mafia thugs.

I can't say the thought hasn't crossed my mind before - it's really the core argument behind Pascal's wagerIf you don't accept our offer, we can't guarantee that your kneecaps won't get broken with a baseball bat.  You wouldn't wanna take that chance, would ya?
Two offers you can't refuse.
I'll hear Christians swear up and down that the god they believe in loves us all as his children, and yet believe that this same being created a devil to tempt us to sin and a hell to eternally torture us in if we do not submit to his will.  He offers us a "free gift" of salvation in his extended right hand, and the flame of infinite suffering in the left behind his back.

If this being existed, the rational, self-preserving choice would be to show him the utmost respect; the righteous and moral choice, however, would be to resist this tyrant in the face of his eternal wrath.

I'm wondering if the reason some professed Christians struggle to keep the faith is the same reason people in mafia-controlled neighborhoods don't talk to the police.

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