30 August 2011

Pastor Mike's "Atheist Registry" is apparently old news... or is it?

*** Update 9/1/11: Pastor Mike has now made his blog private.  It's a shame that we won't be able to read the good news from him anymore.  Also, apparently I am bad about checking dates.***

So it seems that we self-righteous atheist bloggers aren't so careful about checking dates when we respond to fundamentalists' rants.

Oh, wait.  We are!  Pastor Mike just made a little slip-up when he scheduled his post to publish a year later than he meant to.  Now he's wondering why his suggestion for a National Atheist Registry is just now getting attention - it's because it only appeared to the public this past Sunday!

Pastor Mike is also apparently upset that people have the audacity to comment on his public blog criticizing him for promoting harassing proselytization of atheists and boycotting atheist-owned businesses.  He apparently doesn't see the irony in this.  As he so eloquently points out in his latest rant,
"They'll hide behind the security blanket of their keyboards , boasting how "proud" they are of being atheists in their PUBLIC blogs , yet , let someone like me mention putting their names on a PUBLIC registry , and they whine like little school girls and begin having their juvenile emotional outbursts."
It goes both ways, Pastor Mike. When you post something on your public blog and make your email address public, don't be surprised when you get a large quantity of email from people who disagree with you.

Now, it's fun to snicker at the ignorance of people like Pastor Mike, but I don't support any trolling of his blog or harassing him by email.  That won't solve anything and will only serve to fulfill his confirmation bias and convince him and his followers that they're right to fear and despise us.  I know that scalawags like Ginx are just going to do it anyway, though, so maybe I shouldn't bother with the disclaimer.

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