16 July 2011

About those "I Voted" stickers here in Ohio...

I wrote previously about the "Elect Your Sticker" online poll being run by my state to choose a new design for those small, adhesive badges of honor you get for doing your democratic duty.  Two of the proposed designs prominently feature Ohio's state motto: "With God, All Things Are Possible".  I and a number of other secular Ohioans are annoyed (though judging by the wording of their headline, Fox News wants people to think we're in uproar about it) that even something as trivial as an "I Voted" sticker has to endorse the majority religion's deity.  It's as if Christian activists want to use every opportunity they can to rub our noses in the fact that we non-Christians are outsiders in their culture, even as we go to the polling stations on Election Day.

As minor an annoyance as it is, I still pop back on to the Elect Your Sticker website on occasion to cast another vote for #3 and see how the stats are.  When I did so today, I noticed something peculiar:
Last time I checked, both leading stickers had over 500 "likes", and now, suddenly, the leading secular one has dropped down into the double digits.  Seems a little odd, no?

As you can see, the most popular religious sticker is winning again, but that's to be expected when its supporters are in the majority.

The voting ends August 8, and I'm thinking this is the last time I'm going to waste blog bandwidth on the subject.  Anyone who wants to vote for the godless "I Voting" stickers making a clever visual pun of our state's cordiform silhouette can go do so as often as they want.

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