24 April 2011

Hey China, first-century Rome called...

... they want their persecution of Christians back.

Seriously, Beijing? If the past two millennia have taught non-Christians anything, it's that arresting Christians for openly celebrating their beliefs is really not an effective way to convince them that their religion is false. It has the certain consequence of strengthening their faith and earning them sympathy from other people who are also sick of your oppressive government. Christianity is a religion that is rejuvenated by martyrdom and thrives upon keeping the faith in the face of persecution; arresting 20 churchgoers on Easter Sunday is like throwing a bucket of gasoline on a fire you're trying to extinguish.

Take note, American Jesus-worshipers who whine about secularism: this is what persecution looks like. It's not just teaching science which contradicts your creation myths; it's not telling you we don't want our money or court houses dedicated to your God; it's not letting you to pray on your own time instead of having a federal holiday designated for doing so. It's arresting you just for going to church on the pagan holiday co-opted to celebrate the fabled resurrection of your Savior.

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Creative Commons License